Handheld USB Wired Laser POS EAN UPC Barcode Scanner Reader

Handheld USB Wired Laser POS EAN UPC Barcode Scanner Reader

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First-class product quality and solidly built with affordable price.

Good resisting capacity, safe to use.

Super powerful encoding funtion with high efficiency.

Suitable for business, logistic, medicine, warehouse, etc.

Handheld type laser barcode scanner is with USB which is convinient to use.

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Color : Beige

Dimension : about 165 x 90 x 60 mm

Power supply : 5 V +/- 10%

Operating current : 100 mA ( 10 mA Standby )

Rated reading distance : 2.5mm-600mm

Scanning Width : 18 cm

Prompting Mode : Buzzer or LED Indicator

Scanning Mode : Button, Auto-sensing, Automatic continuous scanning

Button Life : 10 milliion times

Laser Life : 10,000 hours

Communication Interface : Keyboard RS232 USB

Cable length : 2 meters (30 m for option )


1. Able to withstand multiple drops, from 1.8 meters height to the concrete floor of the impact.

2.Under normal office or factory lighting conditions or direct exposure to sunlight are not affected

3.Fully ergonomic,No harm,Convenient

4. With superior decoding, error rate, good recognition effect

5. Used in commercial, logistics, medicine, factories, warehouses, industrial control systems and other consumer.


1 x Scanner

1 x Connection cable

1 x English Manual

In original package